Power Washing 



Furniture assembly  

light fixture

Appliance replacement

Celling fan replacement

Tv mounting 

Drywall repair 

Appliance Repair 

Garbage Disposal 

Replace toilet 

Replace faucet 

replace cut off valve 

replace door knob 

wall Removal 

Building walls

Tile work

Brick work

Water filter installation

and much more!

Deck repair                             

Fence repair

Aquarium maintenance

Tile repair

Brick repair

Fallen sink repair 

Sprinkler repair

Drain snaking

Pond repair

Pond maintenance

Chicken coop   

Building sheds

Dog kennel

Dog house


Tree trimming   

Garden tilling    

Build fence

Rain capture system

Aquaponics build 

Sprinkler install 

Pond build

and much more!

About me

My name is Dalton,

All my life I have been tinkering with everything my family owned. I have always been fascinated by how things worked and how to make them better. From a young age I would spend all of my free time helping my grandfathers build and repair everything from planes and racecars to building houses and shops. These were great men of a dying breed! Now in my late 20's, I feel that it is time to put all their teachings to use!